Sugar Bust: New Evidence Against Sweet Drinks

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Tooth decay and obesity are just a couple of many reasons to avoid sweetened beverages. An array of new studies implicate soda — in addition to fruit drinks and juices, sports and drinks, and other sugary libations — in fatty-liver disease, diabetes type 2, kidney stones, gout, coronary disease, various cancers, and an overall increased chance of premature death. Take a look at a few of the latest findings:

  • Americans consume an average of 103 pounds of sugar and corn sweeteners every year — and 36.3 percent from it comes from soda, fruit drinks, along with other sugary beverages.
  • Premature cardiovascular mortality was 31 percent higher the type of who consumed two or more sugary drinks daily compared with those who rarely drank them. A 2021 Harvard study published within the journal Circulation reviewed consumption patterns of nearly 120,000 quickly three decades. The research correlates the incidence but doesn’t prove causality.
  • 30%: Number of a heightened chance of developing cancer the type of who regularly consume vast amounts of sugary drinks, based on a 2021 study published in BMJ that followed more than 100,000 quickly nine years. Breast-cancer risk, specifically, increased by 37 percent. Study authors hypothesize that, while sugar may be the main factor, chemicals in caramel coloring and pesticides in fruit drinks may also be culprits. The study observed cancer rates and doesn’t prove causality.
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