Quick Ways to Get Out in Nature

1 Mins read

If you have five minutes:

  • Sink your bare feet in to the grass.
  • Walk mindfully to your next destination.
  • Gaze out the window at something beautiful.

If you've 20 minutes:

  • Go for a walk outside.
  • Eat your lunch outdoors.
  • Lie on your back and gaze at the sky.

If you have two hours:

  • Pack a picnic for your family or perhaps a small
    group of friends (when it’s safe to do so).
  • Explore the trails in a nearby park.
  • Read a book in a hammock between your favorite trees.

If you have all day:

  • Take on a gardening project.
  • Take an excursion by canoe or kayak.
  • Go for a long, leisurely bike ride.
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