A Year From Now, You will be Grateful That You Got Your lifetime Back | Unwritten

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At some point in our lives, we go through the type of love that really changes our worlds, however ultimately causes heartbreak. You start off inside a relationship where you think guess what happens you are doing and in the end, you realize you got played. That person that you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with ended up being the person that you now want to avoid forever. 

But time always moves forward. A year later, you'll become grateful that you got your lifetime back.

You may not forget him, and maybe you'll still feel sad sometimes but, hey, you grew up and you've stopped drowning in your sorrows. You started to sew the pieces of your heart back together after heartbreak. After all, it's important to remember that every relationship changes and teaches us. So, be pleased about that experience and for your significant other for letting you go. 

Thank you for being there when you were and helping me learn lessons. Then, appreciate leaving in the end so that I could learn how to cope with my fear of abandonment on my own and grow from it. 

Thank you for teaching me that every day life is too short to waste away at a job, career, or things that don't serve me inside a positive way.  There is more alive than just being good at work. We should try to aim for bigger and things and experiences. 

Thank you for leaving so that I could learn to be a strong woman and discover myself. Without you, I wouldn't have realized the depth of my resilience and how much I can accomplish. Your absence provided the strength to pick myself up again.

Thank you for showing me that you simply were not ready to be things i wanted. I placed so much hope on making things work that I ignored common sense and good judgement. Others could see how much things were not exactly kosher. However, I was blinded by love to your flaws and shortcomings. Thank you for showing me that I was not the right person to guide you to higher things and that it's okay.

Thank you for showing me that there's more to life than just finding yourself in a relationship and settling down. But additionally thank you for giving me expect finding someone better. Hopefully, the time I've spent apart from you'd bring about a positive change. I learned to not blame myself for the end and you gave me the capacity to forgive.

Thank you for teaching me to weather the storm because now i'm stronger than ever before. The heartbreak isn’t holding me back now. When we cross paths again, you'll see me in a different light. Moreover, I will not look at you with anger. In fact, I'll extend a hand and give my thanks for everything that we've been through together.

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