In Fitness and Health: Benefits of Pilates Workout

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It’s been more than  a hundred years since pilates was founded by Joseph Pilates in his own studio somewhere in Nyc. Today, this kind of exercise is constantly on the win the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts all over the world. Besides, the prevalence of obesity in lots of countries has led to the increased number of Pilates studios too. Add in government initiatives that aim to promote healthy lifestyle among its constituents and that's why pilates studios and instructors also have increased their market reach. Pilates continues to gain popularity as more people continue to benefit from it physically and mentally. A few of these benefits are the following:

It helps someone to achieve “body neutrality”.

Many people are having a hard time trying to love their own bodies and accept their imperfections. Through regular practice of pilates, it will become easier for one to dismiss the idea of having the body as a supply of hate or love. Instead, because the concept of “body neutrality” sets in, individuals will learn how to appreciate having a body that's healthy and something that is endowed with a lot of potential for achieving whatever one wants. Because of this , why some pilates practitioners don't simply remain students for life. A number of them have aspired to become pilates instructors as they wanted to “level up” in their practice.  Thus, they enrol in certification programs which help them earn the right to teach pilates to other people. They have learned to rise above their own imperfections and created a belief that they can achieve more provided their bodies are healthy. 

It develops one's core strength.

When the core muscles from the body, which include the deep muscles located in the pelvic floor, abdomen and the back are strong, the entire body can definitely rely on it for support. This would also mean that the shoulders, neck and joints can relax or perform certain movements with no problems at all. With a solid core strength, the other parts of the body can also become capable of performing efficient movement patterns while having a more supple back and healthy posture. 

It improves brain function.

A research conducted on ladies who regularly practice pilates demonstrated that after ten weeks, their marbles were found to have increased alpha peak power. This translates to improved neural network activity and memory performance. Achieving an increased alpha peak power does mean the brain has better cognitive functioning. 

It reduces levels of stress. 

Since pilates strengthens and lengthens the body in a gentle way, it will not lead to a fight or flight mode that can only make the person's body and mind become stressed. On the contrary, the more you practice pilates, the better you become at managing your stress threshold. Now that there are less stress hormones circulating all throughout the body, one can feel more enjoyable and happy.

The truth is the benefits of Pilates can have far-reaching effects on the person's mind and body. Plenty of anecdotal evidence online supports this claim. If you're looking to try it for the first time, make sure you consult your health care provider first. This is important especially if you have pre existing medical conditions. By consulting your physician first, you are able to ensure that practicing Pilates can be beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

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