Home Workout Equipment: What Do I Really Need?

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A home workout is a great way to make use of exercise with all the comforts of staying indoors. Many people don’t want to hit the gym due to high membership fees, inconvenience or discomfort around others. Or, if the weather outside is less than ideal, a home workout allows you to stay on-track without moving past your doorstep.

What Can I Use for a Home Workout?

Despite their convenience, home workouts pose one huge concern: what do you need to be successful? It’s a common misconception that you will only lose weight with gym-like equipment such as a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike.

As a matter of fact, effective workouts can be done with just about anything – including nothing! If you’re looking for some low-cost, easy equipment or props to help you get started in your own home “gym,” see these pointers below and modify them to fit your routine:


A good quality group of dumbbells can do you a realm of good. Find a set that fits your personal workout goals and can help you build/tone your muscles the way you want (i.e. what weight do you want to try?). It’s a good idea to purchase a variety of weights because your goals will probably change. Use your dumbbells within an isolated workout or even while you’re watching television!

Don’t want to spend the money on a set of dumbbells? That’s okay too. Try water jugs, milk jugs, different sized canned goods or other moderately heave items in your household. Just be sure you keep the weight within your lifting range.

Resistance Bands/Tubes

These will make an excellent addition to your strength-training workouts. They’re small and light enough to store almost anywhere! Resistance bands are versatile items that can work out your entire body.

Exercise Mat

An exercise mat can cost you almost nothing, but it’s an excellent asset to have. Use it while you’re stretching, starting to warm up or cooling down. If you’re doing an exercise such as Yoga or Pilates, this helps support and protect your body while keeping sweat off your floor. Much like resistance bands, an exercise mat is easy to store and put away.

Exercise Ball

Though it’s not the very best at covering up when not in use, exercise balls really are a staple household item! They’re not only inexpensive but fun to keep around. Looking for ways to stretch effectively? They can help. Looking to strengthen and tone core muscles like those in your abdomen? An exercise ball can sort out that too.

Jump Rope

It’s not just for children’s play! Jump ropes are an excellent cardio exercise because they’re fun, they burn a lot of calories and they work out your heart. Play one while you’re watching television or listening to music! Just make sure you have enough space around you to jump rope effectively. Some retailers even sell weighted jump ropes to improve resistance.

Your Environment

For this bullet point, we essentially mean… nothing! You don’t need a piece of equipment to help you get a good workout. Use what’s around you as an aide like the walls, chair or even a member of the family. So many core/balance workouts are perfected using props which are just “laying around.” If you have a buddy or family member who is willing to help, they can help you exercise by serving as a machine or piece of equipment would have.

More Ways Your Home Can Help You Lose Weight

Your home is a sacred space and it’s probably where you feel the most comfortable. Looking for more ways that your home can help you on your weight management journey? CLICK HERE for a quick listing of tips.


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