Fitness Practices You Can Do While on Quarantine

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During these difficult times under quarantine, you should maintain our fitness levels because our lives are likely to have become much more sedentary, and are full of distractions in the home. We will have taken for granted the daily walk towards the station or to catch the bus, and gyms and yoga studios have become no go zones due to the virus. Temptations in the home can result in binge eating or to losing concentrate on our nutritional intake so it's important for our wellbeing to counter these effects and also to undertake regular exercise. 

Here we will take a look at the different fitness practices that you can do while under quarantine.


Running is one of the most cost-effective types of exercise due to the fact a pair of trainers is all you need to start pounding those streets and burning those calories. Anyone can start running at any level of fitness and there are ample programs around to take you from zero to 5km or more if you are lacking motivation. Why running? Well, due to the weight-bearing nature of running, you will strengthen your muscles and tendons be responsible for a better posture and sense of wellbeing. Furthermore, you will improve your cardiovascular fitness which is essential for the health of your heart and overall fitness levels because you will burn calories and shed excess fat.

Are there any other benefits of running? Yes, plenty! Not only is running a boon to your physical health but it can be a lifesaver to many with mental health issues. It is because running reduces stress levels by emitting endorphins which naturally provide you with a sense of euphoria. The common phrase 'the runner’s high' is no joke! So, what are you waiting for? Pull-on those trainers and get running, not only will you feel naturally high and burn calories, but you can also eat that extra piece of cake for a treat. It's a win-win situation!


Yoga is probably the hottest thing right now in quarantine because of its accessibility to all. All you need is a yoga mat (or perhaps a thick carpet) and some loose-fitting clothes and you can lose yourself in a tough pose and find that inner peace and well being that is vital to the discipline. If you are a beginner and interested in learning about yoga, you can find many programs on the internet, or blogs which will introduce you to the practice and permit you to feel more confident. You can join a regular group having a teacher so that you can learn the poses correctly, without injuring yourself.

As summer approaches it can also be rewarding to practice yoga in the outdoors, whether in your garden or a local park or even, if you are lucky enough, on the beach. It can be a great activity for the kids as it will prove to be mentally stimulating in addition to help them to gain strength and fitness. Furthermore, it could give you a bit of peace and quiet as they are likely to be dead to the world after a long session! So, what are you waiting for, download that video, and get started! It is a low-cost way for the whole family to get fit together whilst also improving your mental health.

Body resistance training

Maybe yoga and running aren't for you personally and you're looking for something that will help you build muscle whilst you're at home in quarantine. Maybe you're a gym bunny who's looking to replicate your normal routine in your own home. Well, why not try a home exercise plan based on your own body? That's right, your own body can be the perfect tool to help you get fit using resistance. There are lots of common exercises like press-ups, squats, lunges, or burpees we have all heard of that can be a fantastic way to work out to increase your strength. Try planking every day and after a month you will notice real gains, and perhaps even that elusive six-pack! 

As we view there are many different fitness practices we can do whilst in quarantine that cost little or nothing and that can be done inside or outdoors. Furthermore, they are able to also be enjoyed by the entire family and will help to create a feeling of wellbeing and togetherness that you may not otherwise have enjoyed. There isn't any reason why the whole family cannot use the  quarantine for their advantage to improve both physical and mental health!

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