How to Get Started with Your Aerobic Fitness Routine for Weight loss

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Are you ready to start an aerobic fitness routine? Probably the most challenging parts of exercise is knowing where and how to begin. Fortunately, there is a lot of knowledge out there to help you get started. Knowing which approach to exercise is best for you depends on your individual preference, goals, health status and limitations. Starting a brand new aerobic routine not only involves exercise, but additionally proper nutrition, hydration and flexibility.

Start by Stretching

No matter your level of fitness, begin with daily stretching! Hold each stretch for 15 – Thirty seconds. This will improve your range of motion and tone of muscle while reducing stress and stress on your joints. Keep your muscles loose to avoid injury. Stretching regularly will ready your body for exercise and lower soreness.

Get Organized

Beginning your routine involves planning. Planning is determined by the time you are able to commit to training, your goals and physical limitations. Begin by dedicating a realistic amount of time every day to exercise or stretching. Ideally, you would work up to 15-30 minutes of consistent exercise 3 to 5 times each week. If you have excess fat, start with low-impact activities like swimming, biking, Pilates, step aerobics or walking. Train with a partner to hold yourself accountable!

If you'll still aren’t sure about how to begin and need more planning, try choosing the help of a certified health/fitness professional. They can help you determine what your body needs to get rid of or manage weight and remain in shape.


Once you have stuck to your routine for four to six weeks and also you notice the work is becoming easier, switch things up! It’s important to gradually increase exercise intensity. Changing your routine makes your body use different muscles, build strength and revel in a change of pace. Don’t get stuck doing the same exercise every single day! You can improve and avoid setbacks by increasing intensity, frequency, duration and type of exercise.

Keep in mind that for your body to become healthier, you have to remain mindful with your diet and nutrition. Fueling the body properly can make or break your achievement of physical goals, energy levels, running times and strength building. Stay focused and give your body the nutrients it needs to recover and adapt.

Ensure Success

As your routine changes and you reach your goals, you can create new goals! Don’t hold back. Push yourself and allow the body to surprise you. It can work much harder than the mind will tell you it can. Don’t quit after the first feeling of fatigue or frustration. Let your body to adjust and be patient. Journal, meditate and remain consistent to help.

Above all, have compassion for your body no matter where you are with your health. Take control of your mental and physical health and develop a spirit along the way by being open to new opportunities and challenges. With faith in yourself, you can’t fail.

About the writer:
Working within the health field for many years, Laurel Dierking, MEd, NFPT, is passionate about cultivating body, mind and spirit awareness through holistic health practices. As a health and fitness professional and Yoga instructor, Laurel strives to guide individuals on a path to self-awareness, long-term functional fitness and weight loss.

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