Physical Exercises To Help With Digestion

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Physical exercises benefits everyone regardless of their health or age. Dr. Bharat Pothuri will be sure to tell you of the benefits exercise has for the digestive system.

Exercise plays a vital role in how food is digested and absorbed by the body. It will strengthen the gut and it healthy with its processes functioning optimally.

The benefits of exercise to your digestive tract are generally long and short term. For the short term, it will prevent heartburn, constipation, and flatulence. Over time, it will ensure adequate blood flow to the gut hence proper absorption of nutrients.

The following kinds of exercises will ensure that your digestive system remains in optimal health:

Walking and Running

The more upright you're, the better it is for your digestive tract. Therefore, getting off the couch and walking is a great thing you can do for your gut.

Walking may either be brisk or in a comfortable pace. You can walk up a hill to really make it a bit harder.

If you are comfortable with walking, you should run. Running strengthens the gut and improves overall blood circulation.

However, running is a high impact activity and should not be done close between meals.


Yoga is a practice of stretching and holding poses that can benefit your gut tremendously. It's a low impact exercise and one of the gentle exercises on this list.

You should start with simple and easy poses for beginners. After you get confident with those, you can progress to more challenging poses.

Yoga will not only help with the physical aspects of digestion by stretching your stomach muscles but it will also help with alleviating stress that ought to help food be digested smoothly and simply.

Abdominal Exercises

Strengthening your core is the key to good digestive health. If you can get the core to be stable and powerful, everything else will follow.

There are literally hundreds of abdominal exercises that you can do. Some that you can do with only your bodyweight while some can be done with free weights.

The most typical ab exercises include crunches, sit-ups, planks, leg raises, and twists.


Swimming is an activity that works all the muscles in your body from head to toe. Water is a challenging environment for human beings but beneficial too.

Swimming is particularly hard on your core which has to be strong to move within the water. When your core is stretched and worked in the water, it becomes strong and healthy.

The stronger your core area, the better your digestion. Swimming at least once every week will not only be a fun exercise but also good for your digestive tract's health.

Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises have been shown to have an incredible effect on all around health but in this case, we will focus on the health of the digestive system. The air we breathe is responsible for supplying the body with the oxygen needed for digestion.

Breathing exercises also relieve stress be responsible for serious digestive issues. Getting a quiet spot and performing 10 mins of deep breathing exercises is you need.

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