6 Easy Ways to Use a Yoga Ball and Strengthen Your Body

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A yoga ball is a highly useful fitness tool mostly used for stretching, core and weight training. It’s a large inflated rubber ball present in most gyms, fitness centers and often around your house! Many people underestimate its potential and don’t know what to do with it when they have one.

Also referred to as an exercise ball, stability ball or Swiss ball, yoga balls are extremely versatile and allow you to strengthen and sculpt your whole body. However, they’re not just great for yoga sessions! Check-out these various and innovative methods for you to use yours.

Ways to Use Your Yoga Ball

Strengthening Your Core

A yoga ball boosts the demand for stability in your shoulder, hips and core. Almost any core exercise you can do by yourself can be optimized on a yoga ball! Including crunches, planks, push-ups, knee tucks and the body twists. Depending on type of exercise, a yoga ball can work your lower abs, upper abs as well as your external obliques.

Using it as a Sitting Chair

Whether you’re watching television or working at your desk, get a yoga ball as your chair. It can make you improve your posture by requiring you to definitely make small adjustments for better balance. Not only can it strengthen various muscles much like your core, even while sitting, but it can also lengthen your spine and reduce your risk for back injuries.

Building Better Balance

The round surface of a yoga ball forces your body to stabilize itself so you don’t fall off. Because of its high muscle engagement, it’s also ideal for building better balance and (surprise surprise) strengthening your core to avoid the ball from rolling underneath you.

Yoga and Pilates

We know we said yoga balls are good for more than just yoga, but they’re a truly beloved addition to these types of workouts. If you want a more structured workout, a yoga ball can help you perform many different yoga and Pilates poses. You might find that it enhances your flexibility and makes sure poses easier. While yoga balls add extra support over these workouts, they also help you tone various muscles, improve balance and shake things up a bit.

General Strength Training

Yoga balls are actually excellent supplements to everyday strength workouts. If you’re lifting weights, try sitting on the ball and dealing your core as well as your arms. It is also used with a weighted cable pull system and weight loads. Get creative and see how you can incorporate yours!

Add Spice for your Next Workout

The versatility of yoga balls make sure they are a great addition to many different workouts. They strengthen your core, tone various muscles, improve flexibility and proper your posture. Use them in your house, fitness studio or even in the club! They’re fairly cheap to purchase and will give you months, or years, of added workout and health benefits.

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