8 Steps To Combat Your Constant Overthinking

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Chronic overthinkers have the hardest habit to stop because no matter how hard you try, it'll always be there creeping on you. But why should we live our lives in so much fear constantly? It's time to stop letting overthinking win, and instead, fight back. Obviously it's not going to happen overnight — it's a gradual process.

It's difficult, however, you can do it. Here's how you can fight your overthinking:

Stop with your assumptions.

Stop assuming you said something wrong in a conversation or that sort people are just pretending. Get rid of the thought that you are never going to get what you would like in life because you aren't smart enough, pretty enough, or forward enough. You have every ability and I believe inside your strength. 

Break free from your comfort zone.

Even if you're terrified, you need to change many places in your life to ensure you feel your most fulfilled. Things won't change if you just internally wish for it to, you need to get out there and do it. You place the pace of your future, and procrastinating onto it won't help you. 

Take action, even if the panic is debilitating sometimes.

You need to do the things that push a little more each day. You don't want to feel the way you've felt forever, particularly if you've been really unhappy. Get those baby steps, even if it's a gradual step in a different direction once every week. You're still getting something.

Stop isolating yourself to protect yourself.

You are not better by yourself, even if you keep telling yourself that. Don't ignore texts from your friends or family. They're checking in simply because they care and genuinely adore you. You are not too awkward, nor is that an excuse to stop socializing. In the process of coming out of isolation, you will make newer and more effective friends along the way, and they too will understand you as you'll understand them.

Stop with the skepticism, and start trusting yourself more.

You never give yourself enough credit and aren't able to see the wonderful qualities you've. Time and growth will help you recognize it, and lots of effort will go into it. But recognizing your worth and best features is a great way to start. 

Compliment yourself more, and get it done frequently!

Instead of giving up when the going gets tough, compliment yourself for trying. Don't give in to negative self-talk — it's normal to possess negative thoughts, but you can choose to disagree together. Don't let yourself put you down if you hit a roadblock. Failure is imminent, however the thought of that shouldn't hold you back. Get accustomed to giving yourself compliments and support, and you'll start believing it. 

Ignore the doubters and the neigh-sayers.

Ignore your own nasty voice that's overthinking, and tell yourself you can do anything you set your mind to. Should you fail, it's not a big deal. You can try again. And if they laugh, they do not need to be in your life. 

Most importantly, stop thinking the worst in each and every situation.

People are not always to get you, you are not bound to fail, friends won't let you down, you are loved, and things are not going to always fail. You can't always assume things will go terribly because if you go into things with that mindset, that's the outcome you'll receive. 

Take this new beginning and prevent selling yourself short. You have valuable things to offer to this world. You are no longer the punching bag for your overthinking, the roles have reversed. You will get experiences you never dreamed of because of this, and you'll find a new side of you that you'll really like to come. You should be the winner; don't be afraid to fight like one.

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