Avoiding Exercise Due to Summer Heat? Try these Cooling Tips

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We look forward to summer for the time off, warm weather and plenty of sunshine. There are lots of fun activities to keep us occupied, however for many of us, exercise is the last thing on our minds. How come? It might be TOO hot outside!

Sure, a great sweat every now and then can make you seem like you just nailed a killer workout. However, who wants to be sweating around the clock and feeling totally trained from the heat? That's why it's easy to spend some time indoors, opting for a movie day along with a bowl of popcorn inside with the cool A.C.

Fortunately, it's not necessary to give up your fitness plans just because it might be blazing outside. Try these cooling ideas to stay active while beating summer time heat.

Cooling Tips for Exercising in Summer Heat

Wear the best Kinds of Clothes

Don't exercise in your winter clothes! Sweat pants and thick cotton leggings will trap heat in. Lighten your layers by choosing clothes that don't cling to the body and retain moisture. Shorts and thin t-shirts are a better option. You can also try a headband or bandanna to help keep hair off your neck and forehead. If you're not doing strenuous exercise, you might be able to get away with sandals for many types of exercise.

Choose Cooling Foods

Did you will know some foods can actually cool you down? In this case, fresh fruits and veggies can be a better choice than foods like meat that have a lot of protein. This is because protein-rich foods can boost the amount of metabolic heat your body produces.

Choose Water-based Activities

Rather than going for a bike ride or a jog with the neighborhood, take a dip inside your backyard or neighborhood pool. Try making a trip to the beach and enjoy the cooler temperatures of the ocean water. Look for a nearby park or forest lake where you can kayak, canoe or snorkel.

Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Staying up late during summer nights might be tempting, but don't neglect sleep. You're more likely to feel fatigue on hot days if you're already exhausted to begin with. Attempt to get at least seven hours each night, or more if you're behind.

Always Have a Water Bottle at Your Side

Dehydration can drain you of your energy and make you feel hotter. Always keep water at your disposal. Try to carry a reusable bottle that clips to your purse strap, bag or belt buckle. For an additional refresher, throw in some ice or perhaps ice infused with natural fruit. When you are really hot, take some of the water and splash it on your face to feel a bit cooler.

Take Your Workout Indoors

Exercise doesn't also have to be done outside. If you don't feel like a gym day or else you don't have a membership, try indoor workouts. Squats, sit-ups, leg lifts along with other exercises can be done on a yoga mat or on the carpet. Throw in a workout DVD and dance to the music. Try jumping jacks or any other aerobic exercises that don't require much room. You can even invest in hand weights to lift while you're watching T.V. or walking around the house.

Just Get Moving

Don’t overthink exercise. Just focus on moving. If it’s simply too hot to get active outdoors, focus on how you can move inside. This might even be getting to your “chores” that you’ve put off for a while. Just don’t let the summer pass by without making here we are at your fitness, weight and health goals! Summer heat could be avoided with some creativity and a plan.

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