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Best Home Remedies for Sweaty Palms

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Are your palms sweating constantly? Are they so sweaty that you simply refrain from shaking people's hands? Well, you'll need these home remedies for sweaty palms to help you with this annoying problem.

The condition of sweaty palms is quite common, and can be triggered by factors such as the rising temperature or stress. If you are a over active person, then too, chances are high that you will have sweaty palms.

Medically, this problem of excessively sweaty palms is known as hyperhidrosis. It does not only modify the palms, but also the soles from the feet, the underarm area, and also the face. A genetic predisposition can also cause this condition of sweating, because often hyperhidrosis runs in the household.

According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society,

In some people, the body's mechanism for cooling itself is overactive – so overactive that they're going to sweat four or five times more than is necessary, or normal. When sweating is that this extreme it can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing, dangerous, and disabling. Many times, it disrupts all aspects of a person’s life, from opportunities and recreational activities to relationships, emotional well-being, and self-confidence. This sort of excessive sweating is a serious medical condition. It’s called hyperhidrosis also it afflicts millions of people around the world (nearly 5% from the world’s population). But, due to lack of awareness among sufferers and insufficient education among medical professionals, most people are never diagnosed or relieved of the symptoms.

The over-activity of nerves is exactly what mainly causes hyperhidrosis. This triggers the sweat glands to produce more than the normal amount of sweat.

Certain types of medications are also associated with this condition, which is also triggered by,

  • Menopausal hot flashes
  • Obesity
  • Substance abuse
  • Low blood sugar
  • An overactive thyroid
  • A heart attack
  • An infectious disease like malaria or tuberculosis

An unhealthy lifestyle, nutritional deficiency or perhaps an unhygienic diet are also risks that trigger hyperhidrosis.

Home remedies for sweaty palms

Here are the best home remedies for hyperhidrosis.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great remedy for sweaty palms as well as sweaty feet. Since it is a natural astringent, it controls the overstimulation from the sweat glands by blocking the skin pores. Taking the vinegar internally can help balance the acid-base level of the body. It will also boost your body's metabolism, which will fight obesity. As you might know, obesity is one of the main reasons behind hyperhidrosis.

For the remedy, start by rinsing the palms with lukewarm water. Now take a clean cotton ball, and using it, apply the unfiltered apple cider vinegar on your palms. Let it remain through the night, and next morning, wash them back with water. You can apply some baby powder after drying both hands.

People with sensitive skin, should first dilute the apple cider vinegar by mixing it by having an equal amount of water.

2. Cornstarch

The next remedy on our list that may help you treat hyperhidrosis is cornstarch, which is a natural antiperspirant that not only absorbs the excess moisture from your palms, but additionally neutralizes the unpleasant smell.

If you travel a great deal, then carrying cornstarch around with you won't be a problem, since it's so light.

For the remedy, you need to prepare a mixture of cornstarch and sodium bicarbonate. You can store the mix in a classic but clean talcum powder bottle to ensure that application is easy. Whenever you catch yourself sweating profusely through your palms, wash them, pat them dry, after which dust some of the powder that you have prepared.

Repeat this natural treatment as and when you need it.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon is an effective strategy to sweaty palms. This easy and readily available remedy works like a deodorant. Also, it will help you get rid of the bad bacteria and keep your hands feeling nice fresh.

For this remedy whatever you got to do is squeeze a brand new lemon and mix the juice having a teaspoon of baking soda. Once you form a smooth a thick paste, put it on on your palms. Leave those on for 10-odd minutes, after which wash your hands with cold water.

The remedy ought to be repeated once every day for some weeks.

You can also cut of wedge of lime, sprinkle some salt on it, and lightly massage it in your palms. Leave it on for a few minutes, and then once it dries up, wash both hands with cold water. This natural treatment will impede the over-activity of sweat glands, and prevent your palms from sweating profusely.

Once you apply the lemon juice, do not go out in the sun for a while. Applying the lemon juice will make your hands sensitive to the UV light of the sun.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are natural astringents, which due to their cooling property will control the problem of excessive sweating effectively. Due to its astringent properties, tomatoes shrink the skin pores, and temporarily block the ducts that secrete sweat.

For the remedy, cut a tomato into slices, and rub these slices on your palms. Let it dry, and then wash the region with water and pat it dry having a soft and clean cloth.

You may also extract some tomato juice on your own, and apply the juice around the area that sweats profusely. Again leave the juice on until it dries, after which rinse off with lukewarm water.

This remedy must be repeated once every day, for at least a month or two.

5. Activated Charcoal

To deal with your problem of sweaty palms, you should try activated charcoal. It is a great remedy because of its ability to absorb extra moisture, thus preventing them from sweating excessively.

For the remedy, you have to take a teaspoon of activated charcoal and abide by it with a glass of warm water. You should do this early in the morning before you eat or drink anything.

Some people experience intense pain and a feeling of nausea when they take activated charcoal on an empty stomach. If yours is the case, then we suggest you take the charcoal after your dinner, at night.

People with gastro-intestinal issues should avoid this remedy. Also, this remedy isn't suited for children and pets.

6. Black Tea

While drinking black tea features its own set of health benefits, black teas are also a great remedy for sweaty palms. Because the tea contains tannins, it is a natural astringent that effectively blocks your skin pores, thus preventing the secretion of excessive sweat out of your palms. Also, the tannins will decrease your body temperature, discouraging the production of excess sweat, that will nip the problem in its bud.

For the remedy, you have to heat a cup of water, as well as in it dip two black tea bags. Now hold these moist tea bags in every hand for at least 5 minutes.

The remedy should be repeated twice or thrice a day to treat the condition effectively.

7. Tea Tree Oil

Next remedy is important tea tree oil, which due to its ability to control excessive sweating, because of its natural astringent properties, makes for an excellent remedy for sweaty palms.

Also, the oil is antifungal, and therefore, it will lower the risk of fungal infections, which are usually caused by excess moisture and sweating.

For the remedy, you need to first heat a bowl of water. Now add 5 to 6 drops of essential tree tea oil for this water. Soak your hands into the solution for at least 15 minutes.

You have to repeat the remedy two to three times and day for the best results.

8. Sage

The last remedy on our list is sage, which, due to its astringent properties, will work effectively on your sweat glands and prevent them from overproducing sweat.

Also, sage dries up the excess moisture and oil, and possesses vitamin B and magnesium, thus preventing over-sweating.

For the remedy, you have to take a large bowl of water, and in it put 3 to 4 tea bags of sage. Cover the bowl, allowing the teabags to steep, for at least 20 minutes. Now soak your palms in this water.

You should repeat the remedy twice, otherwise thrice, a day.

Apart from soaking both hands into this bowl of sage tea, you may also drink a cup of warm sage tea every day, first thing in the morning. To prepare this tea, you'll have to heat a cup of water, and also to it, add a tablespoon of dried sage leaves. Let the leaves steep for about 5 minutes, and then strain and drink the tea. You can include a dash of lemon and honey to the tea if you want.

Limit the number of cups to 1 a day, because drinking an excessive amount of sage tea can cause major headaches.

That is all we have on today's post on home remedies for sweaty palms. Was this helpful? Will you be recommending it to other people too? If you have some remedies that you'd like to share with us, then please so in the comment section below.

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