How to Exercise Healthy and obtain Results

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There are a whole bunch of theories how one should go about this. Some people recommend long forms of cardio. Others swear by brand names. In the end, it's all about results. If you're searching to untangle the strange realm of health and fitness, here are a few protocols that actually work to keep you strong and healthy. 

Fitness Fads

People all around the world have jumped on the CrossFit and F45 trains. They're hip, they're trendy, and they're needlessly expensive. It checks all of the cult-like boxes of a modern fitness phenomenon. The question is: “does it work?” When assessing this, what you need to consider are rooted within the age-old question of cardio vs. weight training. CrossFit is notoriously a mix of both. But is it all that necessary? Is it necessary for you to do 21 straight neat and jerks with the bad form before doing countless box jumps? Most likely not. The efficiency factors on triple extension movements rely heavily on fast-twitch muscle fibers, not mechanical stress. Additionally you run the risk of injury due to flawed goals. But when done safely, the intensity itself is enough for one to make massive fitness strides-for a cost.

Simple Home Equipment 

Investing in home fitness equipment does not have to break the bank. If you're inclined to sort out at home or you don't have the time to get at the gym, a decently sized kettlebell Thirty minutes a day is all you need. Make sure you either hire a trainer or have an online assessment of your form. Also, don't waste your time using the 2.2kg kettlebells. What you're looking for is something which you can use for swings, Turkish get-ups, and cleans. They're great for addressing unilateral imbalances and creating easily transferable sports-specific strength.


If you need to go bare minimum, running is always a good idea. Even in the advent of people claiming that long cardio does this, that, and the negative third. Steady cardio is an aerobic exercise that helps to improve blood circulation, heart health, immune function, and efficient oxygen utilization. It should be part of every workout routine. They're covered with slow-twitch muscle, which uses oxygen and broken down carbohydrates as an energy source. For explosivity, sprints and speed training directly means power generation.

Don't let simplistic juxtapositions and anecdotes guide your fitness results. Seek a balance between what science tells us and what feels right to you. The best results, in the end, come with consistency. We can't control how we act or respond to these workouts. But what we can do is stay focused, lace up our shoes, and do it again. Stay healthy out there.

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