Everything We Know About “Joker 2,” Including the Pop Star Who May Play Harley Quinn

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A sequel to the 2019 hit film “Joker” is officially in the works! On June 7, the filmmaker behind the Joaquin Phoenix-led blockbuster, Todd Phillips, shared a first glimpse at the second part’s official script on his Instagram. The follow-up movie will see continued collaboration between writers Phillips and Scott Silver, who first teamed up to create the screenplay for the Oscar-winning original “Joker” film.

Besides announcing the highly anticipated project, Phillips also posted a picture of Phoenix deep in thought, seemingly reading the script, hinting that he will reprise his role as the titular character in the sequel.

“Joker” made quite a splash when released in 2019, drawing in a whopping $1.07 billion at the global box office and earning 12 Oscar nominations, with Phoenix taking home the best actor trophy and Hildur Guðnadóttir swiping the award for best original score.

Read on to find everything we know about “Joker 2” so far, including a pivotal plot device and word on the potential casting of Harley Quinn.

— Additional reporting by Eden Arielle Gordon

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