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9 Natural Home Remedies For Snake Bite For Effective Relief

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You must be wondering why you need to learn about the home remedies for snake bite. Snakes are after all, wild creatures which roam in agricultural, rural and sub-urban areas and you've got no reason to be bothered with snakes. The fact of the matter is, anyone and everybody can be affected by a snake bite, wherever you live, which is why it is always good to be prepared with the knowledge of these natural home remedies.

Before you learn about these natural home remedies, you have to realize that snakes can be of numerous kinds. They might be venomous snakes and also mild, harmless snakes. Regardless of whether or not snakes are fatal, they have a tendency to bite, and if you have been bitten by a snake which does not have venom in its fangs, then you can definitely make use of these home remedies, which can help you recover soon.

However, if you have been bitten by a snake which is venomous, then be sure to get medical help immediately, because otherwise it has the potential to become fatal. There are several guides that you can peruse to decide for yourself which snake is poisonous and which isn't.

A snake can bite you when you're farming or gardening, when you are on a hike or you are going through a forest or other marshy areas, etc. Actually, when you are in wet and humid areas the occurrence of snakes increases considerably, which makes you pretty prone to snake bites, no matter how urban an area you live in.

Once you are equipped with the knowledge of the kind of snake you have been unfortunately bitten by, you should check out these very effective home remedies for snake bite, that are bound to help you heal many times faster.

1. Activated charcoal

If you are about to go trekking or hiking or camping or farming or even the like, where you know you may encounter a snake or two as well as your protective gear might or might not be hardy enough to offer enough protection against snake bites, then you also have to make sure that you carry some activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is among nature's best absorbents and can also be used as pain relief, when you have been bitten with a snake.

The best way to use activated charcoal in this instance, is by taking a teaspoon of the powder and making it damp with a couple of drops of water and putting it on directly to the affected area. This can soak up the mild venom or even the saliva that is left behind in the bite, and you will recover soon.

2. Bentonite clay

Another widely recommended fix for snake bites is the use of bentonite dirt, which is one of the best natural remedies in the event of a snake bite. This is a naturally occurring substance, which is also used medically to attract out poisons and toxins from the body. In this case, you can use bentonite clay to attract out the toxins or the venom which might have entered your system with the snake bite.

Make sure you utilize bentonite clay directly on the affected area, and drink a lot of water, to assist the flushing out of the undesirable toxins from your system. You can also use this with charcoal for added effectiveness.

3. Curry leaves

This is a common home remedy that people use to treat various issues, including a snake bite. In fact, it has been used for several centuries for stopping this problem, because of its potent restorative properties, which could immediately draw out the poison (if any) out of your system, so that your health is restored. Curry leaves contain compounds which help several systems in the body function properly to assist with the healing process after a snake bite.

You could make porridge out of curry leaves by boiling a number of these leaves in milk and applying it to your snake bite. You may also make a paste of these leaves having a spoon of water and apply this paste that will help you heal from your snakebite.

4. Mongoose plant

Mongoose plant is another well-known natural remedy when you are faced with a critical situation like a snake bite. It's effective because the properties found in this plant have the ability to neutralize the poison which can be spreading through your blood stream, and dilutes it, which means that your body is not caused further harm. It is predominantly found in South-Asia.

You can pulverize the leaves and flowers of the mongoose plant and apply this paste for your injury. You can also boil the leaves in water and drink it, as a way of flushing out the toxins and neutralizing the venom.

5. Ice bath

Whether you've been bitten by a venomous snake or perhaps a harmless snake, the first aid that's recommended in either case is an ice bath. The venom, if any, spreads through your blood stream, and when you immediately submerge the bitten area in ice, you prevent the blood from circulating too quickly. This also cools down the area, and offers effective pain relief.

Simply fill a tub with ice, or ice cold water and dip your feet or your hands, whatever continues to be bitten into this water. You can also add a little arnica to stop the pain and poisoning, or at least stall it, till you get better medical attention.

6. Echinacea oil

Using Echinacea oil is also an effective way of controlling the after-effects of the snake bite. When you are in places in which you think you might be prone to getting bitten with a snake, carry a small vial of Echinacea oil, which has the ability to soothe any pain or blood clots that might occur, and also neutralize the venom, making it impotent on your blood and body. Echinacea oil is known to improve and boost the immunity from the body.

You can apply Echinacea oil topically, as with directly on the injury, or you can also drink a diluted form of the oil orally. However, if you want to consume it, make sure that you achieve this after an interval of 6 hours, minimum.

7. Oregano oil

When you leave the safety of your house to go for a hike within the wild, always make sure you carry oregano oil, or oil of oregano, since it is not only effective in treating problems like snake bites, but additionally issues like bee stings, scorpion stings and other inflammations and scratches and bites. It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and healing properties, which draws out the venom almost immediately, and helps the body heal, without medicine. With the ability to eliminate all parasites and microorganisms which might be aggravating your problem after you have been bitten.

The the easy way use oil of oregano is as simple as applying it directly to the place where you have been bitten. To be safe, you should also apply it to all the surrounding areas and then any other place where you weren't bitten to prevent further attack and infection.

8. Plantain leaves

Plantain is really a plant that is found in the wild, the leaves of which are highly effective when you are trying to get hold of natural remedies for snake bites. It's also easily available, so when you are going out, make sure you carry a tincture of plantain leaves along with you. Plantain leaves are considered one of the most effective remedies for this problem because it has healing compounds which naturally draws the venom from your body, and the astringent nature from the leaves helps in lowering the pain and inflammation that you might experience when you get bitten with a snake.

9. Lavender essential oil

Apart from smelling amazing, lavender oil has a number of healing properties that can come in handy when you have been bitten with a snake. Lavender oil is anti-inflammatory in natures, and also the other good properties are particularly effective when you have been poisoned. It soothes the stomach and also the circulatory system, which not just numbs the pain that you might experience, but it also neutralized the poison. This makes it an opportune thing to have around when you're in a snake-prone zone.

Like the other oils out there, lavender oil too is best utilized when applied directly to the affected area. It is both soothing and healing, and may help your condition get better within a couple of hours of application.

The home remedies for snake bite are natural and non-intrusive, which allows you to cope with the condition effectively and immediately.

If you have used any of the above, or have found an unconventional natural fix for this condition, let us know in the comment section below!

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