Healthy Ways to Stay Cool as the Weather Gets Warmer

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As the first day of summer quickly approaches, many of us are looking to stay cool in the summer heat. Sure, a good sweat every now and then leaves you feeling like you’ve just nailed a killer workout, but everybody loves a good cool-down!

If you are trying to manage unwanted weight, however, you want to steer clear of the typical cool-down advice. You wouldn’t wish to spend the majority of your day indoors having a bowl full of ice cream as well as an A.C. that reaches plummeting temperatures (or maybe you do, but you know it wouldn’t help!). Fortunately, there are many ways to stay cool and beat the heat.

Stay Cool in Summer Sunshine

Don’t allow the heat get the best of you as the sun comes out to play for a few summer months. Get a leg up on the warmer weather with these healthy ideas to keep you safe, happy and fit.

Choose Cooling Foods

Yes, food can in fact cool you down! Attempt to consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible while avoiding a heavy intake of meat and foods which are extremely protein-rich. Why? The latter foods can increase your body’s production of metabolic heat. That’s not to say you can’t eat these foods, but do so in moderation.

Hydrate All day long, Every Day

We can’t stress this enough! Keep a bottle of water on you at all times during the day to prevent dehydration and replace what your body loses from sweat. Water will even prevent fatigue, boost energy and cool you down. Throw in ice for an additional kick!

Hit the Water

No, not the liquid you drink – even though you should be drinking water constantly. Have a dip in your backyard or community pool to conquer the heat and enjoy a fun workout. Not a fan of the pool? Try making a trip to the beach or even a nearby lake. You may also find opportunities to go kayaking, canoeing or snorkeling.

Time Your Outdoor Workouts

Summer heat is at its peak in the middle of a special afternoon. If you want to exercise outside but don’t want the warm weather to beat you down, time your workouts for mornings before the sun rises and evenings after the sun sets.

Get Plenty of Sleep

What does sleep relate to temperature? You’re more likely to get fatigued on hot days if you’ve been skimping on your slumber. As per recommended sleep advice, aim for a solid seven to hours each night.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

This is especially true when you’re working out. Don’t exercise in your winter clothes! Go for loose fitting, thinner articles of clothing that don’t cling to your body and trap moisture. Attempt to stay away from cotton, and don’t be afraid to wear a heat or a headband to keep your head cool, too. When you’re not exercising, kick-it with sandals!


Staying indoors to prevent sweltering temperatures can give you summer time blues. Don’t let that happen! You are able to stay cool and centered on your weight management goals simultaneously. All you need is a strategy and a game plan to make it work.


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