You Can Travel Smart while Staying Healthy On-the-Go

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How can you “travel smart” when so many things are more difficult on-the-go?

With summer vacation nearby, the thought of traveling can be more stressful than relaxing. It’s less about the location or the time it takes to get there, but more about the stress of staying healthy and exercising while away. This perceived problem may cause a lot of unwanted anxiety. Let’s discuss several ways to eliminate some of the worry and headaches related to healthy travel.

How to Travel Smart When You’re on Vacation

First things first – planning is everything. If you're driving, you have the option to shop and pack foods ahead of time. I suggest you take full advantage of this opportunity. It will save on time, money and planning!

Start with Food

Pack a cooler with your favorite healthy options: fresh fruit, veggies and healthy proteins. Be sure you also stock-up on extra water, as during the summer months, you may become dehydrated if you’re outside in the elements. If you are flying or taking another mode of transportation to your vacation destination, do some research about the area you're visiting to help with planning appropriate food choices and saving on money.

If a local grocery store is out of the question, ask the concierge or hotel manager about healthy food choices options in the area. They should be in a position to offer some answers and guide you in the right direction. You should consider asking your servers (in the hotel or restaurants) for his or her advice on healthy options nearby. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Staying healthy on a trip doesn’t mean you have to go in internet marketing alone. Look for options on the menu that are in season. This might include fresh fruits, vegetables and native sources of protein. Have fun with this! While you’re out expanding your horizons, expand your palatal horizons too. Benefit from the local cuisine, eat over the colors of the rainbow and notice a new flavor or dish. This really is one of the best parts of traveling.

**Here’s an enjoyable tip: take a picture of your meal. Make notes of the ingredients and re-create the dish at home. Bring a piece of your vacation home with you and enjoy it for years to come.**

Now, Let’s Talk Exercise

Being on vacation doesn’t have to mean abandoning your exercise routine either. Whether traveling with your partner, friends or with the entire family, take advantage of the time and enjoy it. Speak to your travel buddies and decide the things that work best for everyone.

Try to experience stuff that you normally wouldn’t do in your own home. Again, do a little research about the area you are traveling to. Discover what the top attractions are making a schedule to see them. Pack your sneakers and if possible, walk, hike or bike to the attractions. This can be a great time to speak to your family and friends, enjoy the surroundings and be thankful all. You can also make a game out of it! Get creative, set goals and have a healthy competition among your gang.


Staying healthy and being active on vacation can be a lot easier if you are planning ahead. It takes a little time to do the research, but the rewards will last a lifetime. You will not only be creating memories, but setting a good example for your family and friends and staying dedicated to your overall health and wellness.

You don’t need to veer from your course simply because you’re on vacation. So, take the time to plan ahead. After all, if you have your health, you have everything and all of the other “stuff” will fall into place. Enjoy your trip one healthy day at a time!

About the Author:

Natalie-Jean Schiavone, PhD, has a lot more than 15 years of experience in the medical industry. After receiving her Master's degree in General Psychology, Natalie-Jean went on to complete her doctoral degree in Health Psychology with a specialization in obesity. Dr. Schiavone conducted her research and completed her dissertation on female adolescents with obesity as well as their social experiences. Using her education, experience and expertise, Dr. Schiavone works with her patients to create a healthier lifestyle where knowledge is really a key factor in this modification.


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