Helpful Advice for Overcoming Your Fitness Hurdles

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Fitness hurdles are more common than you think! Not everyone is a seasoned athlete, and nearly all people who engage in fitness struggle at some point or another with tough challenges.

Fitness is difficult. You’re Not Alone!

As we say again and again, the weight management journey isn’t always easy. In a society that makes convenience the center of all things, it takes a lot of physical and mental stamina to continue on the path toward improved health and wellness.

If you are facing a stressful fitness hurdle or mountain in your journey, don’t discount your time and efforts. Try to never use words like “lazy,” “weak,” “failure” or “impossible.” Fitness is about progression, and it takes a long time to train your body.

Even the most experienced athletes, fitness coaches and gym-goers will explain that progress is an ongoing journey. You will notice that a lot of trial and error is involved. So… lace up your shoes, pick your head up and begin looking long distance!

Overcome Your Fitness Hurdles

Are you stuck in a rough spot? Have you reached a fitness plateau? Don’t let your stamina begin to wear down. Consider these tips for overcoming common challenges:

“I’m Beginning to Get Bored.”

Are you faced with little motivation to exercise because you’re tired of the same routine? Now is the time to explore new options. Learn a new skill, take a new class or invest in a new piece of workout equipment. Keep in mind to choose activities you enjoy. Should you easily get tired of a fitness center, try taking your workout outdoors for any hike or swim.

To avoid repetitive movements that work the same muscles again and again, remember to vary your routine and rotate among several different activities. Finally, try joining forces with friends, members of the family or even a fitness coach to kick some misconception a notch!

“I’m Too Tired to workout.”

No energy to get up and obtain active? Try changing your perception. Without exercise, you’ll have no energy! To start, try switching in the time of day you work out and go from there.

Start in the morning after a mug of coffee and squeeze-in a workout before the rest of your day begins. If mornings aren’t an option, try afternoon lunch breaks or evenings before dinner. Stay energized throughout the day by drinking plenty of water and maintaining a healthy diet.

“I’m Running Out of Time.”

It’s okay, we get it. Schedules keep us busy! However, think about making exercise a priority in your lifestyle that can’t be overlooked or neglected. Try squeezing-in a brief walk throughout the day, waking up earlier, shifting your plans around or taking a more active approach to your errands. For instance, walk to work or the grocery store if you’re able.

“I’m Struggling to Complete the Workout.”

If you find yourself faced with aches and pains, out of breath or perhaps injured, you may be approaching your exercise routine the wrong way. First, assess your regular workout. Is the difficulty level excessive at this time? That’s okay. Scale it down a notch and strive for less intensity or duration. You’ll find that starting small will prime your body and lead to greater achievements later on. If you’re still struggling to get through your exercise routine, consider the help of a health professional or fitness trainer.

“I Don’t Think I Can Do it.”

Sometimes your biggest fitness hurdle is your mind. Remember that everyone begins at square one. To help relieve a number of your mental stress and apprehension, set SMART goals you will know you can stick to. Then, build gradually after that.

Share your goals with your friends, family and/or health provider to build accountability and gain encouragement. Don’t try going at the fitness journey alone! From there, remember to pace your workouts and remember of the reason you are wanting to exercise.


Throughout your fitness journey, you will probably face many bumps in the road. They key is to move your way around those bumps and obtain to the other side. There is ALWAYS another side! Don’t sweat the heat. Simply take a step back in the challenge, evaluate the situation and create a plan. Then, apply that plan making a note of what worked for you.

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