How to stay fit while working from home during COVID-19

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Health is Wealth, an age-old saying we've heard and obeyed to our best to date. But, in these uncertain times, it is getting difficult to stay fit while working from home. Since being widely determined by the outside world for fitness, this lockdown has rendered us helpless.

Gyms, Jogging Tracks, Yoga Studios were our go-to for fitness sessions, but with them closed, we're missing out a lot. Also, a sudden change to remote working causes us to be lazy, which diminishes our fitness.

Even though we don't get much time in standard business days, we do tend to stay active with outside life. However with a complete lockdown, it's different. These are tricky times that we live in, wherein we must stay indoors for the wellbeing and our society's wellbeing.

So, can there be any alternative where we can make up for our lost fitness while obeying lockdown?

Yes, there is. Its fitness at home. Here are some pointers on how you can stay healthy while working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Ways to remain Fit While Working from Home throughout the Covid-19 

Walk before you run

We understand that not every one of you'll be into exercising, and that's fine. But it would be best if you take the initiative.

While working at home, start a habit of exercising in the center of daily activities. It can be a few push-ups while awaiting the microwave to cook, squats before making the bed, cardio while watching television, etc.

Who says you have to devote an entire session to a workout? Mix it up with your daily activities. Also, turn up the music during exercising because

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