What You Need To Know As You Enter The next Life Chapter

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The book Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson spoke in regards to a fictional study on child development involving a semi-secluded utopian neighborhood and ten families. This story started off ultimately in a dystopian setting with the project failing and being disbanded with the smart children ultimately understanding much better than anyone that there's always a “better home awaiting” using their perfect little world.

The quote on the last page of Kevin Wilson's book about a better home awaiting seems to stand out as it can really affect so many real-life scenarios. From the transition from high school to college, college to adulthood, the transition from the single life to wedded life, and finally even the transition from having pets to children; the real-life connections are endless!

So you're graduating high school and life is at a tough crossroads because all of the friends you've ever had aren't thinking about following you to the same university. What on the planet are you going to do with a brand new life in what will most definitely be a completely new city, state, or country?

The great news is, just about everyone adjusts to their college life way earlier than they expect to. It's scary initially, yes. There are new friends to make, romantic relationships to pursue, and more studying to make time for. However, the important thing to remember here is that with more responsibility also comes more freedom being the person you want to be. That poster your folks found questionably offensive but you adored? Hang it. Want to stay out past your previous curfew? Pull an all-nighter. That you can do whatever you want and that's exciting! You'll learn your limits, some quicker than others, and you'll find this transition was pure cake and actually enjoyable.

The transition from college to the real world is a scary passage for several individuals, even the most adultiest adults can admit that. However, this transition typically ends up being a foundation for the rest of the changes to come in your career. In this generation, many people don't remain in the same job for more than a few years. They're constantly pursuing bigger and opportunities and that's perfectly okay. I had been lucky enough to get a job at the university I graduated from without skipping a beat. A number of my friends were placed with other awesome companies and some went back to live with their parents to save money. To each, his own and there is no wrong or right. It is how your life was meant to pan out because this step, it doesn't matter how you may have originally planned it, will inevitably lead you into the next transition when it is meant to arrive.

The next page in your lifetime story might be the transition from bachelorhood to marriage – if obviously, that's even your goal. It could take forever and a day for your SO to understand to you or he/she could figuratively slap you in the face when you're least expecting it. I are actually one of the latter.

Bottom line, everyone's road is different. Many of my friends are still dating and therefore are losing hope because they see I'm happily married but whether your partner rides into your life on a unicorn or simply spills your latest Starbucks order before it even reaches your hands, he/she is out there. I promise.

Changing plans is just a part of life so don't be afraid to date that guy or adopt that puppy. Make sure that when you do settle for these different areas in your life you are doing them for you and your own happiness, it matters too I promise. These transitions aren't near the end of the world and by no means have any rules attached to them so don't feel pressured to maintain your life moving along or stop what your location is based on this article. Just understand what you're going through is normal and if it feels like you can never “settle down” because things are always changing, just remember it's to set you up for what's right around the corner.

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