The Miraculous Health Results of Cardio Exercise on the Body

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Cardiovascular exercise (cardio for short) is any type of movement that increases your heartbeat and blood circulation throughout your body. It’s an important part of any fitness routine and extremely beneficial to weight management!

However, you’ve probably heard many people complain about cardio because they lace up their running sneakers and prepare for a workout. Perhaps you’ve even done this yourself! This is a common reaction, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Thinking about cardio exercise in a new light will help you appreciate movement and its effects on our bodies. Let’s learn about cardio exercise together.

Cardio Exercise Puts the Body into Motion

Let’s face it: we reside in a sedentary world. So much of our time is spent near a desk at work, dealing with and from different places within our vehicles, sitting on the couch to look at television and sleeping. We are able to find the answer to almost any question we've by sending a text, email or browsing the web. Our smartphones also perform a lot of work for us. All in all, our busy schedules combined with the convenience of modern living doesn’t make for a lot of physical activity.

On the other hand, our body is made to move. How do you feel when you’ve been sitting down all day? Chances are you’re exhausted, tense, sore and probably a little anxious. But how does your body feel after exercise? Most people report feelings of renewed energy, confidence and mind-body awareness. Our body is MEANT to do physical work! Cardio helps.

Cardio Exercise: Benefits

Cardio exercise should be a part of your daily/weekly routine. Standard guidelines suggest Half an hour of moderate intensity exercise 5 days a week, or vigorous cardio 20 minutes a day, three days a week. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may want to do more cardiovascular exercise (up to 60 to 90 minutes) depending on other lifestyle factors.

When you participate in cardio exercise regularly as part of your lifestyle, you take advantage of:

  • Weight-loss or weight maintenance, as cardio burns lots of calories
  • Reduces stress, as cardio releases powerful endorphines
  • More energy, less exhaustion and fewer fatigue
  • A stronger heart and lungs, as cardio improves circulation
  • Increased bone strength and density, as cardio improves bone strength
  • Improved mental health, as cardio releases endorphins
  • Better sleep, as cardio improves quality and duration
  • Reduced chance of heart disease and some types of cancer
  • Renewed confidence and motivation

Incorporating Cardio into Your Fitness Routine

You now know just how powerful the effects of cardio exercise really are. Hopefully, this post has given you a new appreciation for cardio so you don’t dread the process! Fitness feeds both the mind and body. We need it!

Are you ready to get started with making cardio an active part of your lifestyle? First, talk to your healthcare provider to examine your health status and determine what types of exercises and intensity you're capable of doing. This is important for safety.

Ready for the next step? CLICK HERE to read about getting started on your fitness journey and bringing cardio movement into your routine. You’ll be surprised in the benefits!

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