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10 Home Remedies For Shoe Bite That you'll be Thankful For

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Few joys in the world are greater than the joy of buying a new footwear. However, like all good things on the planet, buying shoes also comes with a clause, and a painful clause at that- shoe bites. However, worry not because we have compiled for you a list of the very best home remedies for shoe bite, so that that you can show off your shoes from Day 1, without having to wait a couple of weeks to break into them.

A shoe bite is basically a callus that develops in your foot. It usually happens on the soles of your feet, or simply above your heels, places where the shoe comes into uncomfortable contact with your foot. Friction with the fabric of the shoe and your skin, which is not used to the shoe yet, may cause these bruises to appear.

However, a bruise is okay. When you develop a shoe bite, it is even worse, because you can't wear every other shoe either because it hurts terribly. However, breaking into your shoes can take a while, and you can't possibly go a couple of weeks without wearing proper shoes are you able to?

The first thing that you must do is lookup hacks which show you how to avoid shoe bites altogether. When you don't get them, you don't have an issue to deal with in the first place. Also, if you see that a particular pair of shoes may be the root of your problem, don't be adventurous and keep wearing those shoes, because it will only make matters worse. Wear different, much more comfortable ones till your bruise heels.

Unfortunately, women, due to the ridiculous standards of beauty that they have to subscribe to, are more prone to are afflicted by shoe bites, because the style of women's shoes are more fitted, narrow and structured. Here are some of the best home remedies for shoe bite which can help you get rid of the problem without having to wait for a week (you can thank me later).

1. Coconut oil

Honestly, what would we do without coconut oil? Even if you aren't currently suffering from something, make sure that you have a tub of coconut oil within your house for emergencies such as these, because coconut oil is the solution to everything. The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil helps bring the swelling and also the redness down. It also moisturizes your skin, leaving it less prone to bruising from friction with dry skin.

Apply a little coconut oil to your bruise every time you wear shoes. You may also coat the inside of your shoes with coconut oil to prevent shoe bites from occurring later on.

2. Ice cubes

If you are suffering from footwear bite, an ice cube is enough to give you instant relief. Because the feet are such awkward places to obtain bruises in, it feels 10 times more uncomfortable. Rubbing an ice cube on your wound helps.

The ice numbs the pain sensation, and immediately reduces the swelling and also the redness which you are bound to see developing soon. It also soothes the skin, which usually gets ruptured while wearing a new pair of shoes. If there is bleeding, then the ice helps it to clot faster, which makes it an overall wonderful remedy for your condition.

3. Aloe vera

This soothing, healing gel is one of the best home remedies that you can take a look at, when you are trying to cure a shoe bite. Aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as healing properties, which can cure your problem in no time. The cooling effect that it has on your skin is also useful in getting rid of the burning sensation and redness which you might experience.

Make sure you use pure natural aloe-vera gel for this purpose. Scoop the gel from an natural aloe-vera leaf which has been sliced down the middle, and use the gel directly to your injury. You will get relief in no time.

4. Honey

Honey is a wonderfully effective home cure for bruises, injuries and wounds. This obviously, includes shoe bites. Honey has probably the most wonderful healing properties, and it is anti-inflammatory in nature. Shoe bites also tend to leave a dark scar in a variety of parts of your feet, which can be avoided if you use honey as a home remedy.

Honey also moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and supple, considerably lowering the chances of getting shoe bites later on. Mix equal parts of coconut oil or sesame oil and honey inside a cup and apply this mix to your entire foot. Wash them back after a while, and you will get relief instantly.

5. Olive oil

Olive oil is loaded with good compounds which have healing properties and sooth the pain sensation, redness and swelling that is caused as a result of shoe bite. Olive oil is handy for this condition, because it cures the injury, and creates a protective layer over your skin, so that the next time you wear your preferred shoes, you don't have to pay a painful price for it.

Rub a tablespoon go warm essential olive oil onto your feet, especially the places which have been bruises with shoe bites. Let it rest on for the night and sleep on it, while your feet soak up the goodness from the oil. You can also substitute essential olive oil with almond oil or sesame oil, both of which have equally healing properties.

6. Potato juice

Not many people know this, but potatoes are the most effective home remedies against any kind of bruising, scars or discolorations. The compounds and the starch which are present in potatoes combined efforts to make it a great natural remedy for any bruise-related problem, including shoe bites. It's not necessary to worry about scars being left in your feet because of a shoe bite, if you are using potatoes.

Slice a potato into thin strips and rub the strips onto your bruise. Do this two or three times a day and you will get instant relief. You will even be able to break into your new shoes faster.

7. Indian lilac or neem

Neem or Indian lilac is recognized as one of the most beneficial herbs available because of the numerous good properties it possesses. This herb is particularly known for its anti-inflammatory properties, that makes it an effective solution for this particular problem. It cuts down on swelling, pain, burning sensation, itching, redness and scarring.

You can produce a soothing and healing paste having a bunch of ground up Indian lilac leaves and a pinch of turmeric and apply that for your bruises. It is also a wonderful remedy for scar removal, if you have scars left from old shoe bites.

8. Petroleum jelly

Shoe bites can frequently lead to excruciating pain in certain areas of your feet, which can ruin your concentration and concentrate and prevent you from sleeping in peace during the night. If you want heal from the condition and obtain permanent relief from it when you are healing, then you can always use petroleum jelly. The moisturizing properties of petroleum jelly keep the skin smooth, hydrated, soft and healthy.

To get respite from shoe bites with petroleum jelly, you only have to rub a little petroleum jelly in your heel, your toes and also the places which have been affected, and you're simply good to go!

9. Lemon

Lemons are not only yummy and nutritious, they also contain compounds which can heal a number of physical problems such as shoe bites. The soothing, cooling and fresh nature of lemons helps your skin heal much faster than it otherwise might have. Lemons can also be used to treat other foot-related problems for example corns, calluses and foot ache.

You can squeeze the juice from an entire lemon and rub that on your feet. You can also add lemon oil to some little olive oil and use that as a healing balm for your bruised feet and obtain effective relief.

10. Toothpaste

If you are thinking I am joking with you by recommending toothpaste for the feet, trust me, I am not. Toothpaste is one of the fastest and most effective home remedies for all inflammatory problems. If you are experiencing a burning sensation from your shoe bite, then using toothpaste can solve that inside a matter of seconds. It also cools down the skin, till you find a better remedy to heal it on the deeper level.

All you need to do is use a generous amount of toothpaste to your feet, in places that have been hurt because of your new shoes, and you're simply good to go for the rest of the day!

If these home remedies for shoe bite sound deceptively simple, you will also be pleased to know that they've been tried and tested by a million people, and they are all highly effective. You can now tackle your shoe bite in your own home, with things you can find everywhere!

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