Fitness Apps That Pay You to Workout

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Whether you are on a mission to reduce excess weight, a fitness enthusiast, or you are developing an interest in fitness, then you must have heard about fitness apps which help you exercise and track your calorie.

What you might not have heard of are fitness apps that not only help you exercise but also give you incentives when you use them to keep fit.

If you need motivation to exercise then there is no better option than using apps that pay you to workout. It is a win-win situation.

These apps are available for download on mobile devices and all sorts of you need is a smartphone, web connection, and access to an app store.

There are a number of these applications out there but we've chosen to introduce you to the very best 4.

All 4 apps have the freedom and available on Android and iOS so you can choose whichever one you prefer after going through the details.

Skill Share

This app can help you lose weight and earn money in a simple process. 

To earn money you are expected to create a video while working out and upload them to serve as tutorials for others. When people watch them you get paid.

Basically, you are building a video/tutorial album for others to watch and learn ways to do invigorating home workouts or exercise and you are paid for doing that. 

You can choose to do simple or complex videos for other people to watch. Whatever you choose to do, you get paid when people watch it.

Healthy Wage

This fitness app motivates you through staking your funds and setting a weight loss goal for yourself. If you can attain the level of weight loss you set then you win your money back.

To use Healthy Wage you have to open an account and input your current body measurement. Then set the most healthy body weight for you and also the time frame. If you achieve it, you receive your money back.

If you are unable to achieve the expected weight loss goal at the time you set it up to be achieved you would then lose your funds.

You can take part in challenges being an individual or make bets as a team. You put in your funds, set the challenge details, and then achieve them to get paid.

If you win and earn the money back it will be paid for you through Amazon credit or PayPal. 

Diet Bet

This app is quite similar to the Healthy Wage app but bets are carried out a bit differently on this one. 

This permits you and your friend bet on your weights and whoever first loses weight split the cash between everyone who bet. 

To make use of this app, you can either choose to join any game that is already available on the app or start a new game with your friends.

Similarly with other apps you and your friends would have to provide information on your current weight and then set the timer (usually 4 weeks).

At the end of the game, you earn money not to mention, you must have lost weight. 

Step Bet

This app is comparable to diet bet and Healthy wage but it goes a step further using its profit package. 

With this app, additionally you bet on yourself to achieve unwanted weight loss but you don't only obtain the funds you put in at the end of the game; you also get profits on your funds.

The quantity of profit you make is specific to the game you play. Whatever you earn at the end of every game (mostly 6 weeks) will be paid to your account via PayPal.

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