Learning to Love Exercise… Is it Possible for Someone Who Hates to sort out?

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There’s just no making your way around the fact that exercise is key to a healthy mind and body. But for some, making time for exercise can seem like an absolute dreaded chore. Actually, it often (and woefully so) falls towards the very bottom of our “To-do” list every week!

Let’s go ahead and say it… some people just hate working out. And when that sounds like you, you certainly aren’t alone. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy or unmotivated, and it certainly doesn’t mean you’re defected. However, you are probably missing out on phenomenal health benefits that come from routine exercise. But don’t worry, there are creative ways around this problem.

Exercise: Your Perspective

First, let’s address what's most likely your biggest barrier. For most people who hate to exercise, the procedure feels like punishment. It’s something have to do because you’re can not drop some pounds or you’re trying to offset a specific meal or kind of food that you ate. When you think about exercise as punishment, you've got no motivation to get down to it and start moving!

Exercise certainly isn’t punishment. At its core, being active is a way for your body to stay strong, healthy and sturdy as you move through life and navigate everything it encompasses. So instead, think of it as an opportunity to release endorphins, strengthen your joints and bones, build lean muscle, regulate your metabolism, alleviate stress, improve organ function plus much more.

Helpful Tips to Actually Enjoy Exercise making the Habit Stick

Can you learn to love exercise if you’re a self-proclaimed hater of other nutritional foods workout-related? Absolutely! Consider these tips to overcome your mental battle:

  • Explore Real Interests – So maybe you will never be a fan of the gym. That’s okay. But would you love to dance? Do you enjoy spending some time in nature? Learn to adapt exercise to satisfy those things which actually interest you and satisfy your free time.
  • Find someone – Humans are social creatures, and exercising alone can admittedly be boring. Grab a relative, friend, co-worker or support group confident who also wants to exercise more. The extra company is not only fun, but motivating!
  • Set a Challenge – Who doesn’t like a good challenge to prove something to ourselves (and maybe even others)? Turn your workouts right into a personal competition or game. Then strive to meet that challenge and claim your reward!
  • Bump in the Music – Don’t let a single workout go by without turning up the volume on your favorite motivating songs! Music is a great way to turn something drab into something fun, inspiring and energetic. Always have a playlist on-hand.
  • Distract Your Brain – Sometimes we focus an excessive amount of on the workout itself. If not using music, distract your brain by studying a certain topic, counting to a certain number, repeating a favorite mantra, memorizing a poem, etc.
  • Keep a good work out Journal – There’s nothing like personalizing your own journey, decorating it to be inspiring and writing down your goals so they’re ever present to encourage you. Use this journal daily and log your workouts after every session.
  • Focus on Changes – Instead of focusing on the concept of exercise, focus on each change you experience for example improved mood, greater energy, boosted confidence, better posture, greater strength and increased flexibility. Reap those benefits!

Final Thoughts

You won’t reap the benefits of exercise to their fullest potential if you think of exercise as a unfortunate requirement. Consider it a challenge, a blessing as well as an opportunity to improve your health and quality of life! It’s not something to become avoided at all cost. It’s something to be celebrated, and it’s very possible for you to enjoy exercise at any stage of the fitness journey.

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