Why Men Always Come Up To Me When I'm Reading Alone In public places

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In my generation, I've been an “abnormal” girl.

I’ve been the type of girl who has enjoyed being a bookworm.

I’m not saying there's anything wrong with technology, but may, I feel like it’s good to use your imagination and expand the mind, especially while you read.

I feel like for most people my age, technology has taken over life.

Our reliance on technology has completely changed how we think. For example, if we don’t instantly know the answer to something, we simply “Google it” to obtain the solution.

Being a bookworm has gotten me into some unusual situations, though, including men attempting to start up conversations with me when I’m reading in public.

For example, one time, I was by helping cover their my friend, sitting in the front of Starbucks. I had been reading “A Walk To Remember” when a cute, tall, fair-skinned boy with dirty-blonde hair and ocean blue eyes walked up to me. He said, “That’s an amazing book. I cry every time I read it.” I just replied, “Yeah, I know.”

After that, I started to notice that every time I'd go out with a book in my hand, men would interrupt me to comment on what I read.

So, here's the question: Why won't men just leave me alone when I'm trying to read in public?

The answer is actually fairly simple. For starters, I think single men want to be with an intelligent girl.

Also, Personally i think like people find it odd to determine a young woman my age having a book out instead of a phone in her hand. People just think that most millennials are so into technology that we don't care about not reading large novels. The novelty of finding a young, bookish woman draws men in, and people books make women like me appear creative, imaginative, and various from the rest.

People have inquired about if it bothers me whenever a man tries to flirt with me while I’m reading in public. Honestly, no, not at all. It shows me that males are interested in getting to know me like a person and learning more about what I'm into. Also, it shows that the guy is willing to grow with me and learn new things that will expand his mind. My books will always be a great conversation starter, and, you never know, that simple conversation about plot twists and character development just might develop into a first date or a romance worthy of its own novel.

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