Make Exercise a Habit through getting Your Loved Ones Involved Too

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Building a consistent exercise plan may be one of your biggest challenges if you’re managing your weight. Perhaps you have a busy schedule that leaves little room for activity. You may struggle to get motivated within the mornings or after a long day at work. If you have a family, your concerns might involve them too. How can you all stay active and work toward better health?

Fortunately, getting active with your family can make exercise a habit that each of you practice. Physical activity like a family affair may even make your workouts easier and much more enjoyable. Check-out the tips below for bringing your family together to get active, fit and healthy.

Make Exercise a Family Habit

Take Your Bikes Out for a Ride.

Biking is great exercise for the entire family. You'll not only have an excellent dose of exercise, but you'll have a chance to bond too! Biking is straightforward enough to be able to talk when you ride, which leaves you plenty of room to talk, laugh and spend time together.

Dance Together.

Dancing is an excellent mood booster and cardio workout, and it doesn't take up a lot of time. Bring your family together to dance in your home or try taking some classes! Many community centers offer classes which are fun for everyone. You can release endorphins while you listen to music and spend more time with your family – OR your friends.

Jump within the water.

Swimming for exercise is often overlooked, but it is a fantastic total-body workout. You can use your own pool, a community pool or visit a lake or beach. Everyone is able to benefit from this low-impact activity. For various swimming exercises, consider doing laps, water aerobics or creative relay races! Create a splash while you have fun too.

Pick-up a Sport or Fitness Class.

Try involving your family in something brand new! Pick up a group sport, such as kickball, bowling or tennis. Sign up for a fitness class such as kickboxing or CrossFit. If everyone is open to trying it, it's a great way to build self confidence and encourage friendly competition.

Move Outdoors.

Sometimes our televisions, game titles and computers are our biggest distractions. Encourage your family to get outdoors, even for just a little bit! You can hike together, jumping rope, play basketball, jump on the trampoline or create obstacle courses. This is a great strategy for everyone to get creative with their exercise!

Power Walk or Run.

Consistent walking/running can do wonders. Do this in your own neighborhood, at a park or even through a structured race. You can listen to music through headphones or spend this time catching up, but either way, you will be moving and getting active!

Do you've any tips for making exercise a household affair? Share them in the comments below!

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