Is there an Exercise or Workout that is Best for Weight-loss?

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For decades, standard wisdom around exercise and weight-loss touted the idea that cardio was the magic part of the process. If you ventured into the realm of aerobic exercise and stayed there, concentrating on continuous movement and increasing your heart rate, you’d lose weight and it off.

Now, enter in the forward-thinking fitness enthusiasts with a new idea about health and weight-loss: the power was in strength training. Resistance-based exercises were recommended to rev-up your metabolism, burn calories and keep them burning long after your sweat session.

Is there really an exercise that is best for weight-loss? If you’re concentrating on one vs the other, perhaps you have wasted your time at the gym or in fitness classes? It’s probably a little more complex than that.

Exercise, Workouts and Weight-loss

Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise certainly has its benefits, even if it adds additional time to your workout. Some of those most popular include running (on a treadmill or outside), fast-paced or elevated walking, elliptical exercises, jumping jacks and cycling. Minute-per-minute, cardiovascular workouts tend to burn more calories, thereby helping you reduce fat mass and body mass. But if you stick to cardio and cardio alone, you’re passing up on a whole host of health benefits.

Resistance-based Exercise

Exercises which engage various muscles in your body are also a critical part of the health and weight equation. Strength-based workouts build and keep lean body mass, strength and total body function. All three are crucial for a healthy and optimal lifestyle.

But along with their muscular benefits, strength-based workouts improve your body composition and do, in fact, boost your metabolism to help you burn more calories. They also keep your body burning calories well after you’ve finished your workout.

A Little Bit of Both

The vast majority of health professionals recommend a routine that mixes both exercise types. You’ll want to burn calories and lose weight, but additionally consider heart heath (aerobic exercise) and muscle health (weight training). For the most effective way to lose weight, improve your health and get fit, choose workouts from both kinds and incorporate them to your plan.

But Also Consider This…

Reaching a proper weight involves a lot more than burning calories through exercise. The following are other factors you should consider in relationship to weight-loss:

  • A lean, proper diet that supports your goals
  • Effective stress and anxiety management techniques
  • Underlying health conditions affecting weight
  • Prescription medications for chronic conditions
  • Mental health insurance and your relationship to food, exercise and weight

Above everything else, consider your unique circumstances and also the specific goals you’d like to achieve. We recommend customizing unwanted weight management plan to suit you being an individual.

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