Working Out Even With A Knee Problem? Yes, It is possible.

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Many factors can cause damage to the knees, whether it be blatant accidents, sports-induced, old age, or being overweight. Of course, therapy or even surgery is a must if severe. But it doesn't mean one cannot exercise or workout anymore when the knee/s become sensitive. Here are a few suggested workouts it's possible to take even with recovering knee or a slight knee problem.


Compared to running or jogging, there is no impact on the knee when one rides a motorcycle or stationary bike. This kind of cardio workout is a good substitute for the treadmill. It also helps in developing arm strength, not the needed abs and legs, compared to running or jogging. It can also be fun to cycle having a partner or a group.


There can also be no impact on the knee involved here so swimming is a good cardio exercise, too. It's also quite a refreshing workout, it doesn't let one understand that he/she is hot or sweaty. There are waterproof earphones available in the market now so that this workout can be more fun or set a good mood.


Again, there is no impact to the knee with this particular exercise. It's all about the core and leg power. But be careful about the back, a thick yoga or fitness mat would be ideal to have rather than just doing it on a hard floor.


This floor exercise doesn't involve the knee/s, too (except for half planks). It develops the core but additionally arm and leg strength. Best to use a thick yoga or fitness mat to prevent direct impact on the elbows.

At no more day, one must also try to seek counsel from a professional personal fitness coach to achieve the fitness goals one desires even with a problematic knee. Some knee cases tend to be complicated or different.

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