Daily Yoga Poses and Asanas to Stay Fit

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Hey! Are you aware of the fact that regular yoga practice helps improve your overall physical and emotional health? Are you aware that our yoga programslet you feel extra energetic for efficiently handling the hectic schedule throughout the day? Are you looking to achieve the needful mind-body balance via the sessions? 

The highly dedicated and well-experienced professionals at our academy guide you about the daily yoga poses and asanas for ensuring whole day fitness

Above all, the online yoga teacher training will make sure improved immunity, good digestion, balanced hypertension, appropriate blood sugar management, unwanted weight loss, and overall body fitness.

Apart from this, the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and the entire muscular and skeletal frame get aligned. Let's move ahead and discuss the mandatory yoga poses for practice.

Worth to Know about the Daily Yoga Poses and Asanas:

  • Paschimottanasana

This yoga pose is believed to ensure the healthy blood circulation level using the appropriate functioning of the abdominal organs. Get to concentrate on the breathing during the practice, to obtain an improved output. 

To perform the pose, just sit straight and outstretch your legs. Exhale properly, and be sure touching your head to the knees. Hold your legs at the toes, and let the spine bend completely to touch the knees.

Practice with perfection for vital energy regulation all around the body including the nerve cells, and abdominal parts. It is one of the preferred yoga poses by renowned trainers all across the world. 

  • Half-Spinal Pose or Ardha Matsyendrasan:

This yoga pose efficiently opens up the chest area, makes the spines more flexible, empowers along side it body muscles, and tunes in the abdominal organs. 

You need to sit straight and make sure the legs stretching in front of yourself. Practice bending the left leg and touching the feet to the right side hips. Besides, you have to ensure bringing the right leg outside the left knee. 

Get to touch the feet into the yoga mat by continuing to keep the static spine. Go to move the body to the right side by exhaling appropriately. Undoubtedly, the daily session will be helpful for improved organ functioning. 

  • Plank Pose or Dandasana:

This yoga pose is iconic for removing unwanted fats in the abdominal regions. Moreover, the standard practice of the pose strengthens the abs functionality and helps maintain the ideal body figure. 

To carry out the practice, you need to sit right to the ground with a straightened spine. Get to bring the arms under the shoulder and take up the positioning of doing a push-up with your palms on the floor.   

Furthermore, ensure the proper inhale and shift your body above the ground with the support from the arms and palm’s strength. Attempt to tighten up the abdominal muscles and leave the body in the position for 5-6 minutes. 

Last, but not the least, ensure the proper exhaling from the breath and get released from the yoga pose. Practice it for 3-4 times in the morning to achieve overall body fitness. 

  • Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana:

The regular practice of the yoga pose helps you feel relieved from the stress and anxieties. Moreover, you're able to notice the backs and neck flexibility, together with tuned up abdomen muscles and proper shoulder movement. 

To practice the cobra pose, just lay down to the yoga mat in your stomach. Put your palms on the floor and move your body up inhaling using the shoulder's strength.

Keep on looking upwards towards the sky for a few moments. Exhale properly and take your body back to the earlier position. Practice the pose for 5-6 times during the morning hours for noticing the positive change. 


To summarize, the regular yoga classes conducted by the experts at our training academy can help you achieve complete body fitness. More than the above, you get to know the infinite quantity of yoga poses and meditation techniques. To understand more about professional yoga sutra’s yoga teacher training in rishikesh yoga club is recommended in order to understand the real meaning of yoga. Get admitted and go through the difference to maintain the appropriate body-mind balance.   

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