Whole-Body Workouts to Ensure Weight Loss

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Weight loss is a fairly simple formula. It's a matter of how much you eat and how much you move. Those two, when maximized, will likely yield results. The problem is that those ideas can be too broad. There is so much to fit in those two concepts that it may be a bit confusing. Must you go to the gym? Do you need to use kettlebells? Is there a perfect ratio of protein and carbs? Aren't carbs the devil? To simplify things, i suggest you go the route that makes the most sense. The least complex and also the most enjoyable means to a goal is definitely going to be better, by consistency. Fortunately, for all of us, that means whole-body workouts. Here are some of the most effective by far. 

Bodyweight Routines 

The most accessible whole-body workout routines are bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercises turn your mass into a full gym. It's the easiest to get going with and often the most difficult to master. The grand upside of using your body weight as a workout tool is you get supersede mastery of your stabilizer muscles. In physiology, you will find the active mover of a movement and supporting stability. That support is everything in bodyweight routines. A great illustration of this is Barre workouts. When you do a Barre workout, you're mimicking the movements of the dancer. Because of this, the most effective barre exercises for losing weight, become those which follow the patterns of motion meant to keep a dancer stable. This ultimately requires a lot of core work, leg strength, and shoulder mobility. These also are actually things your average gym-goer has a tendency to ignore.

Big 3

Big three powerlifting routines happen to be popular since the 1970s. It's the basis for so many routines and still comprise the core of every effective exercise plan. The big 3 are squat, bench, and deadlift. With such three with sufficient weight and consistency will work the most amount of muscles without having to do 50 step HIIT routines. These are the barebones basics of strength. With a targeted diet, the increase in muscle mass will be sure to increase metabolic process and cut through the fat. 

Road Work

Never underestimate traditional cardio. As much as we like to turn everything right into a matter of “running is useless” on the internet, that merely isn't true. You look in a boxer hitting the pads, doing crazy drills, practicing hand-eye coordination. None of this gets done until they put in the road work. What this means is miles and miles of running. For the goals, it is no different. Place in that road work. Turn your body into an efficient machine, in HIIT (anaerobic) and steady-state cardio (aerobic). This will make sure that you cover your bases for weight loss. 

There is no one answer to losing weight. It's always a combination of things over time. The best thing you can do is keep going. Keep doing the Barre workouts. Keep investing in road work. Keep putting plates around the bar. As long as you’re safe, eating fewer calories than you burn, and getting enough sleep, you will eventually reach your purpose. Some faster than others. Best of luck! 

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