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Here Are The 8 Most Beneficial Home Remedies For Teething In Babies

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The process in which the first group of teeth start emerging from an infant's gums, is called teething. This first set is called baby teeth usually, while some people also call it milk teeth.

The procedure for teething generally starts when the kid's age is between 6 and eight months. For all the teeth of the set to come, it can take as much as 2 years.

Though for some babies teething doesn't come with a lot of pain, for many it can create a great deal of discomfort and pain.

Symptoms of teething

The most common symptoms related to teeth are:

  • Swollen and tender gums
  • Excessive dribbling
  • Slight fever
  • Fussiness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Crying
  • Tendency to bite on things
  • Red cheeks
  • Earaches
  • Mild diarrhea

Some kids even refuse to breastfeed when they start teething.

When a baby is teething, it becomes very difficult to handle them. These babies tend to become cranky because they are in great discomfort. With one of these home remedies for teething, however, you can make the process a little easier for you darling toddler.

If the discomfort doesn't go away despite you trying each one of these home remedies, then you have to take you baby towards the doctor. According to Parenting,

“Because some indications of teething may actually be signs of illness, call if symptoms worsen (for instance, a low-grade fever reaches 101° F or more) or linger for more than a day or two. Same goes if no teeth have come in by 15 months, in which case your pediatrician may want you to definitely take your child to a dentist for an x ray.

The teething process lasts about two years, but after the first few teeth are available in, the process tends to be much less painful. (Experts aren’t sure why that is-it could be that babies get used to what teething feels like over time.) Once the first tooth appears, try to start cleaning it twice a day by rubbing gently with a washcloth. Whatever you do, don’t place your baby to bed with a bottle or nurse him to rest once his teeth are available in, since he’s now vulnerable to cavities. This may be a tough time for the baby (and you), but with just a little help, he’ll have a lifetime of happy smiles.”

Home remedies for teething

Find below 10 effective and easy natural treatments to help your baby with the teething process.

1. Chilled Carrots

The first remedy on our list today is chilled carrots. However, you can only offer this to your baby if he or she has started eating solid foods.

The chilled carrots will help against the inflammation and soothe your baby's gum pain, and the sweetness from the carrots will give your baby the nutrition she or he needs to recover from the pain.

The carrots will even help provide relief to the sore gums.

To try this like a remedy for teething, begin by taking a large carta and washing it. Peel off the skin, and place it in a refrigerator for about 20 minutes. Now create it for your teething baby (make sure the carrot isn't frozen), but while he or she chews on it, keep a close watch. You don't want the baby to go through a choking session.

Apart from the chilled carrots, you may also give your teething baby cubes of chilled cucumber or apple.

2. Chamomile

The next remedy on our list is chamomile which is recommended for teething babies of age 1 year or older. Chamomile's anti-inflammatory properties allow it to be an amazing treatment for inflamed nerves.

Chamomile likewise helps soothe an upset stomach.

Bring a mug of water to boil. For this, add half a teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers. Allow the flowers steep for about Ten minutes. Strain the tea and provide your baby a teaspoon of the tea every two hours. Ensure the tea is not too hot.

3. Massage the gums

According to Mayo Clinic, to alleviate your baby's inflamed gums,

“Rub your baby’s gums. Make use of a clean finger or moistened gauze pad to rub your baby’s gums. Pressure can ease your baby’s discomfort.”

You should also massage the baby's jaw area lightly and slowly, in circular motion.

4. Vegetable Juice Pops

Beetroots and carrots are ideal for teething babies because they are anti-inflammatory and help soothe the irritation and pain in the gums, which are the usual the signs of teething in babies.

Also, these veggies help strengthen the defense mechanisms of the baby.

For the remedy, start by extracting the juice of two carrots along with a beetroot. Mix the juices. Pour the mix into ice pop molds, and put the molds in the refrigerator. Once chilled remove the pops from the molds and give it to your baby.

The winter of the molds soothe the baby's gums and provide relief.

5. Arrowroot Cookies

The next remedy on our list is arrowroot cookies. These cookies help eliminate the pain caused by teething.

Since arrowroot is a rich source of starch, it fills kids tummy and keeps her or him happy. Also, arrowroot is free of allergens and be given to a baby with any fear. An arrowroot cookie can calm a fussy baby in no time.

6. Applesauce

The next remedy on our list is applesauce. This is usually one of the first foods that is provided to a baby. Applesauce is known to provide relief to babies having mild diarrhea. Mild diarrhea is another common symptom associated with teething in babies. Apples are rich in pectin, which will help in formation of stools. This, consequently, prevents loose stools and therefore treats the diarrhea.

To utilize it as a remedy, take an apple and wash it properly. Now peel off the skin and get rid of the core. Cut the apple into small cubes. Heat a saucepan and set the apple cubes inside it. Add some water. The water should cover the apple cubes. Now allow the water boil. Let the apple cubes cook in simmer so they turn soft and tender. Remove the pan from the fire and let it cool. Pour the apple cubes right into a blender and prepare a puree. Pour the puree into a glass and place the glass in the refrigerator. Feed chilled applesauce to your baby.

In addition to applesauce, you can also provide your baby chilled homemade banana smoothie.

7. Clove Oil

The next remedy on our list is clove oil. You need to, however, only try this strategy to children who are 1 year or older.

Clove oil is anti-inflammatory, that makes it an amazing remedy for teething. It is also analgesic and can help reduce the pain.

You need not purchase a bottle of clove oil. Prepare the oil at home with whole cloves.

Begin by adding two teaspoons of edible coconut oil in a saucepan. Now add a tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil to it. Now add two teaspoons of dry chamomile flowers plus some 5 to 6 whole cloves to the pan. Heat the pan on the low flame. After about Fifteen minutes, remove the pan from the fire and let it cool. Strain out both the cloves and also the flowers, and massage the oil lightly and slowly onto your baby's gums.

Before applying the oil in your baby's gums, test it on your own to see that it is not extremely strong.

8. Breastfeeding

The last remedy on our list is breastfeeding. This can help by taking away the discomfort and distracting the baby from the pain. If your baby has begun biting you while you are breastfeeding it, then it's suggested you try different positions.

Clean your hands, and with your finger slowly and lightly massage kids gums once before and after the feeding session.

Additional tips to help reduce the discomfort during teething

  • You have to distract your baby when he or she is teething. For this, take him or her out for any stroll.
  • It has been seen that running a warm water bath can relax a baby and distract him or her off the pain.
  • During the teething process, children drool more that usually. This might further cause skin irritation. Keep a clean and soft washcloth handy to dry the newborn's skin when he or she drools. To avoid the irritation, apply a mild lotion or water cream on his or her face.
  • For brushing your baby's first teeth, use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Make sure it is small too

If none of these remedies or tips help, then you need to visit the doctor immediately.

That is all we have on the home remedies for teething. Do you think this post was helpful? Do you have some suggestions for us? Let us know within the comment section below.

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See you again tomorrow with a new set of remedies for a general medical problem.

Until then!

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