Fit Seniors? – Here's How you can Stay Fit in Old Age

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Seniors need to do something to make them sweat and breathe hard sometimes. Hate it or love it; it is an excellent way to get you fit as you age. Cardio is essential, specifically for those individuals who want a well-rounded program. Cardio includes rowing, dancing, swimming, and even climbing. Experts from Fitbug insist that using a cardio machine can improve your fitness journey and make it more interesting. Tools like elliptical can boost the number of calories you burn, enhance endurance, and give you a fun cardio session without exerting pressure in your muscles and joints. If you get injured accidentally, you can depend on capable cardio machines to recuperate and lower body stress. Cardio also lessens fatigue and keeps you active for other activities like walking, cleaning, and running house errands.

Power and strength training

Power and weight training, is it necessary? Many would ask based on the fact that we are talking about the seniors here. Well, John from often states that strength training is essential for fitness along with a healthy lifestyle. You can easily maintain independence with weight training and reduce risks of contracting chronic illnesses. You don’t need to go heavy when power training. That you can do a moderate endurance workout each week. In most cases, power and strength training involves a limited amount of cardio, balance training, flexibility, and bodyweight workouts that help condition your muscles. During training, you perform repetitive motions while applying resistance from elastic bands, body weight, free weights, and machines.

Power training is a little different from strength training as it involves a faster speed to improve reaction and power times. Strength and power training can help you build muscles, prevent loss of mass, and improve your body balance. It also enhances how you perform activities that need balance, like reacting quickly to prevent falls and lifting objects.

No matter your age, it is never too late to get fit. It is one of the healthiest decisions you can make as you age. However, it ought to be in a safe manner. Go to a medical practitioner for health clearance in case you have a preexisting health condition. You should never feel lousy or hurt when you exercise. It is supposed to be fun. Always choose the exercise that you can enjoy and reap benefits. 

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