4 Simple Things You Ought to be Grateful For When Times Are Tough

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The world can feel like a cruel place. I've had tough years when my physical and mental health have been awful, and it's been hard. However, despite all of the pain and difficult times, I've learned to see the world in a different light, in a few small ways. Although it's easy to let negativity consume you, I try to remember that there's more alive than the struggles I face. Therefore, listed here are four small things that you can feel grateful for even when times get tough, whether you're struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, or simply need a reminder to stop and appreciate the good things around you.

1. Music

Music is pure joy and simplicity, so be grateful for it. You don't have to move, think, or focus. You can just enjoy the sounds. When you feel lonely, you can sing at the top of your lungs without having to worry about what anyone else thinks. In addition, you can always find music that matches your mood. Music will make you smile or help you override your pain, or allow you to vent your feelings through someone else's words. There's actually some great medical proof for what it does to your brain and its physical and emotional impacts! Who knew something so seemingly simple could provide such beauty to the world?

2. Nature

A great thing that happens when you stop rushing everywhere – particularly when you're forced to stop and move back is that you can sit and experience the beautiful world in which we live. The saying “stop and smell the roses” may sound cliché, but it really is a wonderful thing to do. Whenever you slow down, you can see the beautiful flowers, watch the wind move through the trees, and consume a train of ants as they scurry across the ground. With the busyness of life, it's not hard to be distracted, rush through the days, and ignore how intricate nature truly is. When our bodies fail us physically or emotionally, though, we can really be grateful for how incredible the planet actually is.

3. Social Media

Although everyone loves to hate social networking, sometimes the “mindlessness” of it is really a blessing. When you're overwhelmed to the point that you can't hold onto a single coherent thought, you don't have to, thanks to the endless stream of mindless amusement when you need it. On nights when you can't sleep, you can let the hours tick by using the constant distraction of memes, videos, information, inspiration, support, and silliness. You are able to vent anonymously or find advice from people who know exactly what you're going through. You are able to follow the lives of friends you haven't had the energy to meet up with shortly. A constant source of entertainment when you need it.

4. True Friendship

Unfortunately, it's a sad truth that friendships can fade fast once we reach adulthood or times get hard. So many people are living busy, fast-paced lives that we can't keep up with or have stuff happening we don't know how to relate to. With limited time or energy to socialize it may be tough, and at times, feel lonely. However, sometimes this can help us really appreciate the great thing about the few genuine friendships we do maintain. Be sure to appreciate the friends who willingly take their energy into communicating, consistently attempt to understand you, and stand by through the hardships along the way. Individuals who genuinely love and care about us are a truly wonderful part of life.

While we could spend all day long listing the negative aspects of our lives, the truth is that the world is the perfect place than we often give it credit for. Take time to appreciate all of life's seemingly insignificant wonders today and each day.

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